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Practice without restriction in your home market, on your own terms, without restrictive agency contracts and non-compete clauses.

Market your services directly to health care organizations.

Our, “reverse auction” can enable the highest possible compensation.  Health care organizations can offer more because we save them excessive third-party fees.

Be in touch real time with what your market is telling you with direct access to decision makers.

Our interactive approach plugs you into the questions and preferences of the medical institutions you seek as well as how they value your locum tenens services.

Storing your credentials online can expedite institutional credentialing.

Use our message board to share experiences and learn from others.


Medical Institutions

Healthcare staffing made simple. Your online invitation presents a detailed offering without the need for extended negotiation.  Those bidding know ahead of time your expectations and agree to them; if it’s in demand, it will close.

Engaging and convenient, our online auction attracts providers who like managing their practice independently.

Third-party fees can artificially inflate the market cost for medical services, our auction helps identify the true market value for the providers you seek.

Whether your needs encompass temporary nursing jobs, medical locum tenens, or just keeping up with your target market we provide an affordable and engaging medical staffing solution.

Keep in touch with real time access to independent contractors. Our interactive approach plugs you into the questions and preferences of the professionals you seek.

Your healthcare staffing answers are as close as your online connection. Post unlimited healthcare staffing opportunities and instantly communicate your needs to local or national locum tenens markets. Save time and resources via our online credentialing review. Track and offer select opportunities to your most valued providers.

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