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Medical Staffing Service eMedlance is a company where skilled, experienced medical professionals seeking locum tenens opportunities meet the convenience, ease and efficiency of the Internet.

Headquartered in Minnesota, our medical staffing service addresses the growing desire of locum tenens providers to maximize their earning potential. We are dedicated exclusively to independent medical contracting and believe our forum offers a unique opportunity to bring competing medical staffing services together to offer medical providers the compensation and contractual benefits they seek.

We now welcome RN’s seeking freelance opportunities. For those wanting to explore temporary independent contractor RN positions in their market, eMedlance offers an alternative to the staffing agency. Represent yourself among competing institutions, enjoy the bidding process and secure jobs without agency restrictions.

For Institutions, our database offers a one-stop shop for experienced, motivated locum tenens providers. Our registered professionals are experienced in navigating the landscape of independent practice and typically know exactly what they want. This makes it easier for you to efficiently secure the quality staffing you need without prolonged negotiation.

Our CEO has over twenty-five years experience with contract medical services. That knowledge and experience has translated into a company that revolves around providing professionals and medical institutions the springboard to fulfill each other's needs.

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