Why Join eMedlance?

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Why limit your opportunities?

  • Enjoy the independence of a truly flexible schedule.
  • Experience the ease of centralizing your credentials and practice information.
  • Increase your exposure. Agents can only offer work from their client base. At eMedlance, you have visibility to any institution nationwide.
  • Benefit from customized job postings which offer a great deal of information about posted jobs.
  • The website can offer freelancers the opportunity to question institutions about job requirements, special practice information, or any other important information. Providers will be better prepared for the first day with fewer surprises.
  • From your first contract you can build preferred status among your favorite clients.
  • We are also an online auction. Bidding for contracts is an easy and engaging way to leverage your market potential. Our clients save on expensive agency fees and this means more compensation available for you.
  • It's FREE. It's EASY. And Signing Up is a click away.

You need to simplify and consolidate the myriad of issues facing your locum tenens practice. Keeping your credentials immediately available can speed the credentialing process, help you stay organized and competitive when time is of the essence. At eMedlance, your practice information is as close as your online connection.

Traditional healthcare staffing services can only offer employment from their client list, at eMedlance we offer you unrestricted access to the prevailing market of institutions seeking your unique qualifications. This capability is especially valued by specialties, e.g. freelance anesthesiologist and locum tenens CRNA’s.

Temporary independent RN contractors want to be prepared their first day. At eMedlance, you have direct access to the institution ahead of time to pose questions and learn of special practice information. Locum tenens providers using eMedlance can minimize first-day surprises and learn from others’ experiences.

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