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Q: How can eMedlance increase my earning potential?
A: We offer an engaging alternative to traditional healthcare staffing services, the "middle man". Third party solutions artificially inflate the market value for locum tenens services by charging high commissions. With eMedlance, you're bidding directly with the institution, lowering their costs and leveraging higher margins into better compensation for you!

As an individual, you can help set the market for your locum tenens services by participating in our online auction. It's a fun and engaging way to earn the compensation you deserve.

Q: How can eMedlance provide more flexibility than an agency?
A: Your exposure is limited to the institutions an agency contracts with. Not with eMedlance. Your, "Market Presence" can be viewed by any employing facility or group, on a national level, according to your specific needs and availability. In addition to anesthesia jobs and medical locum tenens, we now welcome RN’s to our service seeking temporary RN employment.

Q: How much does it cost to sign up?
A: NOTHING! Advertising your skills and ability to be hired is FREE to you! At eMedlance we know the demand for anesthesia jobs, medical locum tenens and temporary RN employment is high and realize you are a hot commodity in this changing healthcare environment. Institutions compete for your quality service and flexibility so we want to make it as easy and hassle-free as possible to keep you registered with us. Let us know how we can make our service even more responsive to your needs.

Q: Is there a no-compete clause?
A: Not with us. Nursing and anesthesia locum tenens jobs hired through traditional agencies often come tethered with restrictive covenants making you less competitive than other providers.

With eMedlance these restrictions won't apply, making you free to move about in any community. Check out another job and feel confident your practice won’t be hampered with non-compete clauses.

Q: Do I need my own liability insurance?
A: Maybe, liability insurance may be offered by the contracting institution or you may be required to have your own policy. Purchasing your own benefits allows mobility in the marketplace and can earn you more.

Q: Who handles my transportation and housing?
A: With eMedlance, arranging your own travel adds to your bottom line, make the best deal and keep the reward points yourself. Your negotiating power can translate into a real monetary return.  Some clients may offer these services in the negotiating process before you take a job.

Q: In my hometown I know where all the locum tenens jobs are. If I decide to use eMedlance as my healthcare staffing service will my employer or I face any non compete restrictions should I decide to accept a permanent position?

A: No. At eMedlance, we realize that many professionals may use our service for locum tenens jobs outside of regular employment in their own communities.  With traditional agencies, you may be restricted from seeking permanent or other temporary employment in the same area. This can make you less competitive. eMedlance does not impose restrictions on your practice.

Q: How do I get my first locum tenens job?
A: Simply register on eMedlance then view and bid on postings from institutions looking for your unique qualifications. Along the way, you will have the opportunity to pose questions to employers and seek the advice of others in your specialty.  While we build our database of clients, you can use our site to store and manage credentials and participate in our private forums.


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