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Whether you are seeking temporary or permanent medical, nursing or anesthesia jobs, eMedlance enables the locum tenens professional to practice on their own terms and without non-compete clauses. Count on our healthcare staffing service to assist you in establishing your independent market presence.

  • BID for your next assignment and earn more
  • ENJOY freedom from restrictive third-party contracts
  • FREE and SECURE online storage of credentials
  • Real time NETWORKING with other freelancers

Establish your market presence and opportunity will find you!

You can represent your interests better than anyone else, at eMedlance take control and directly communicate your value to clients.  Market your experience directly to organizations that value what you have to offer.   As we build our database of clients, sign up and be ready for a growing market. is a comprehensive online medical staffing tool. We are your direct link to organizations looking for qualified locum tenens CRNA's and MDA's, providing you instant and convenient access to your personalized job search tools and records.

With an eMedlance account, you act as your own agent and enjoy total flexibility, arranging your work and schedules to suit your availability. Our free healthcare staffing tools allow you to attract work locally or nationally, on your own terms, with confidence and security. Marketing your skills and abilities through eMedlance optimizes financial rewards by helping you retain more of the revenue otherwise lost to third-party fees.

Practice freely without restriction

Securing work through eMedlance should not make you less competitive when applying for a permanent job. eMedlance will not restrict your practice with non compete clauses.  In your home market, you are just as competitive, there are no finder's fees charged your future employer should you decide to hire on.

You are completely independent and in control of your choices and options, with freedom to bid on any job at any time.

Free access to your secure and confidential personalized account

eMedlance offers a "complete care" system of personal information and job management. Our secure online tools are available to you 24/7, allowing you to build your market presence and manage your credentials, licenses, and personal information all in one place. We make it easier to manage your locum tenens anesthesia or nursing practice.

Network with your peers and gain 'real world' insights

Members of the eMedlance message board are able to network, share experiences and advice, and gain valuable insight into their common markets, all in real-time.

eMedlance is your portal to a valuable exchange of information, where you have the opportunity to learn from others and offer your valuable input. At eMedlance, we are professionals helping each other find and retain anesthesia jobs.

Advertise your services and instantly communicate your availability to local or national locum tenens markets. Your market presence is as close as your online connection!

It's FREE! It's EASY! And Signing Up is just a click away!


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