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  • Practice free from competitive restrictions.

  • Market your services directly, nationally or locally.

  • Free online storage for credentials.

  • Connect with experienced, resourceful providers.

  • Hidden ID while negotiating

Our, “reverse auction” can enable the highest possible compensation.  Health care organizations can offer more because we save them excessive third-party fees.

Be in touch real time with what your market is telling you with direct access to decision makers.

Our interactive approach plugs you into the questions and preferences of the medical institutions you seek as well as how they value your locum tenens services.

Remember, eMedlance doesn't restrict your practice with non-compete clauses while working locally.  Further, health care organizations won’t have to pay high finder’s fees should you decide to sign on for a permanent position.  This  makes you more competitive than agency staff, 

So tell your recruiter to find you on eMedlance!

There is no obligation, even if you just want to connect to others or store your credentials.  We’re just glad you’re here!

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