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Advantages for Medical Institutions

  • Save money!
  • Reduce time fielding marketing calls.
  • Staffing won't be subject to restrictive agency covenants. Managers can amend offerings on a real-time basis to address budget and staffing needs.
  • Our website can offer a larger pool of professionals.
  • Review online credentialing information.
  • Managers can list important details concerning the assignment so that providers are more prepared for the first day.
  • Track your most valued providers.
  • The website is budget friendly, reducing the costs paid for agency fees.

For local providers there are no restrictive covenants, you may hire locally and pay no finder’s fees! Other medical contracting services limit your ability to recruit local talent with non-compete covenants making your favorite providers less competitive.

Medical staffing services charge a high premium for a limited offering of providers, only those they can recruit. An exclusive contract with such and agency can limit your access to the available pool of providers. eMedlance’s engaging and fun way of bidding on locum tenens contracts attracts professionals who desire independence from traditional healthcare staffing services. It’s a concept catching on in the freelance community!

Directly communicate specific requirements with your offering. The intrigue of an online auction is that you may get exactly what you want… and at a savings!

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