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Q: How can eMedlance save you time?
A: It is faster to access digital files than hard copy information. Candidate's credentials are online, ready for viewing and you also have the ability to select and solicit a response. Access to all records, postings and shift bids are available 24 /7. 

Simply post your job offering and qualified providers will find you.  There is no risk or obligation, so try us before signing an exclusive third-party contract.

Q: How can eMedlance help you plan ahead?
A: You can post a job today and start the bidding at a future date. This allows for flexible scheduling and effective future coverage. It creates a win/win situation for you and your locum tenens providers.

Q: How can I save money using eMedlance?
A: We eliminate costly third-party fees. Offering one low flat rate translates to significant savings over traditional medical staffing services; no finder's fees should you decide to hire a provider full time.

Q: How is eMedlance different from a traditional medical staffing service?
A: eMedlance offers a more direct connection with locum tenens providers. Our site attracts professionals drawn to our engaging and fun way of marketing their services. Experienced professionals enjoy taking charge of their own career and comprise the majority of our provider databank.

Having an exclusive contract with an agency narrows your choice of candidates to their recruits. At eMedlance, the pool can include providers registered with a variety of health care staffing services or working just on their own.

Before you commit to an exclusive contract with a medical staffing service, cast a net and open your job up for bid. You may just get exactly what you want and have some fun along the way!

Q: If I sign up with eMedlance, may I still explore other staffing options on my own.
A: Yes, at eMedlance you have the freedom to come and go without exclusivity!

Q: What will it cost?
A: Pay only a fixed low commission on closings, you may enjoy unlimited use of our site at no charge. Click here to find out more about pricing.


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