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Healthcare Temporary Staffing Service

If you are seeking temporary medical staffing services, eMedlance helps you find qualified locum tenens providers quickly. Count on to be your personal healthcare staffing service!

  • AUCTION temporary work directly to qualified staff
  • Providers bid on your offer
  • Pay a small commission on acceptance
  • No Finders Fees
  • There is nothing to lose, NO exclusive contracts

Cost-effective and flexible method of securing certified trained staff

When working with a traditional healthcare staffing service, finding qualified providers comes at a premium. Finder’s fees and high commissions can strain budgets and temporary staff members are bound by agency agreements restricting their practice options.

By signing up at eMedlance, you pay only a nominal commission and have the ability to amend offerings online, on a real-time basis, to address budget and staffing needs as required.

You can also post a job today and start the bidding at a future date. This allows for flexible scheduling and effective future coverage. It creates a win/win situation for you and your providers. eMedlance saves you money and time!

Locate staff directly, locally or nationwide, and view their credentials immediately

You also have the ability to select a candidate and solicit a response. Access to your locum tenens providers, postings and shift bids are available 24 /7. Now that saves time!

Superior temporary healthcare staff

Quality and potential come with every eMedlance candidate. Our registered professionals are self-directed individuals who are taking advantage of our services to promote themselves with confidence. Winning bidders are the most motivated and eager to meet your needs.

You have the ability to track your best providers and recommend them for future work.    
We provide the online tools to efficiently match your temporary medical staffing needs with the skills of qualified medical and nursing professionals.

As we build our database of qualified providers, SIGN UP for a discounted trial TODAY!
See what eMedlance can do to help you find the right staff, right now!

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